Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This is Halloween, This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!

It's TIMMMEEEE! I can smell it, sense it, feel it...FALL! I am really very sad that summer is over, however fall brings us Halloween, and that is just SPECTACULAR! I LOVE Halloween...and also caps lock it would seem!

I've decided to go as Medusa, and my mind has been running ever since I made the decision. I love making halloween costumes it gives me the opportunity to be creative. I've seen some really crappy versions of "buyable" Medusa costumes online, and have decided to really do this 100% by hand (well perhaps with the assistance of my sewing machine) instead of buying it pre made, which I've done in other years because I spend all my time making costumes for other people. (You can take that to mean I'm an incredibly selfless, amazing person, or that I really like the attention I get when everyone is bragging that I made their costumes, and bigging me up...either way, you're probably right).

A couple of friends have already requested my excellence, so I'll be getting started soon! I actually can not wait! If I could make costumes full time, I would. Damn realistic income needs!

Some of my friends and I have decided to go with a mythological theme. So I'll be making, along with my Medusa costume, a Zeus costume, and a Hercules costume, so far.

Can't wait to upload the pictures once the costume making process begins!

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