Creative Bone

"Hey Ma, Look What I Can Do!"

Here are some examples of different stuff I've made, mainly costumes, over the last couple of years. There are many more, but unfortunately I did not think ahead and take pictures, so these are some examples:
*Faces have been blurred to protect the identities of the innocent...and also because I didn't ask their permission to post photos of them...tricky tricky

This is a Mighty Mouse Costume I made by dying long underwear yellow and a pair of mens briefs red. The cape was made by hand and the decals are iron on printouts from the computer. - Won First Prize 2009

This is a Super Dave Osborne Costume made for the BF from a painters suit, ribbon, and decals. - Won Second Prize 2008

This is a Flying Monkey costume from the Wizard of Oz. The vest, "x", and hat were made by hand. The top and bottoms were originally a sweat suit, and the feathers were hot glued along the arms and legs. There is also a tail made with a coat hanger and feathers surrounding it.The feathers were all spray painted silver. The wings were purchased. - Won First Prize 2008

On the right is a Ronald McDonald costume made by hand for the BF. The decals were printed from the computer onto iron on paper and the stripes on the long sleeves were painted with fabric paint. - Won First Prize 2007
On the left is a Hamburgler costume, I only assisted in the making of the tie. The hamburgers decals are iron on transfers printed from the computer.

This Wonder Woman costume made for myself was completely done by hand, my first attempt at costume making. I had my own permission to post this picture, so I guess blurring my face was overkill, meh.