Friday, October 15, 2010

"Shine on you crazy diamond"

DONE! My second tattoo is done, and I LOVE it!!!! I had written (here) about how much I wanted a second tattoo and what my different ideas were for it. Well I did it, and I went with one of my original ideas, which was to get "shine on you crazy diamond" down the side of my foot. AND it's low enough that if I'm wearing heels it won't show. SO as far as I'm concerned (even though I'm 25 and haven't lived at home in YEARS) it still complies with my Momma's request. SWEET!

I decided to go with these lyrics from the Pink Floyd song titled "Shine on you crazy diamond" to commemorate and as a reminder of the struggle I've gone through throughout my entire life to overcome my depression and anxiety stemming from abuse suffered as a young child.

I'm in love with it! It will serve as a constant reminder to a) keep shining and b) hold my head up high (more metaphorically speaking, since I've been bent over all day staring at it!) 

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