Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dreeeeeam, Dream, Dream, Dream, Dream...

So there's this place. This enchanting, calming, seclusive place where so many wonderful memories exist.

The BF has been going there since he was small. There are pictures his father, his sister, himself and their (deceased) family dog, playing in the surrounding forest atop their fireplace mantle. It is where they buried Sadie, their family dog.

When he and I started (secretly - I'll explain some time) dating, it was the first place he took me. It was in the fall, and was absolutely beautiful. We've gone back at least once a year, every year, since we've been together. It's nostalgic, and yet at the same time a future dream.

You see, this forest has a dilapidated house in it's midst. Although broken down and rotting, you can see how beautiful it would have been, had it ever been finished. The house was never completed. The foundation poured, the exterior walls, and some interior done, and the stairs started. There are cabinets laying around never installed, the flooring was never done, and there are sheets of rotten dry wall laying in piles. We'd never ventured inside until this year. After 4 years of wondering what was in there, four years of dreaming and imagining, we went in and explored. We love it.

Rotting, unfinished and all, we want it. It's our dream. Whenever we go there we imagine what we would do with the property, what it would be like throwing parties (ya we love that shit) and what it would be like raising kids there. It might look run-down and dilapidated to some, but to us it's our dream.

We've tried in the past to find out who owns the property and how we could get in touch with them but to no avail. That is until we ventured into the house and found some helpful information. We've got a lead, and even though I haven't gotten my hopes up too high, it's something. It's more than we've ever had before, and I can't wait to see what happens. Or at least to hear the story, of why this (at one time beautiful) unfinished house, with a rusted old tractor, car and snow mobile outside, was left to rot, and never completed...what happened?

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