Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Remember What the Doormouse Said: "Keep Your Head!"

Alice in Wonderland - I begged, I pleaded, I planned, I waited...I was like a little kid.

I anticipated the release of this movie for a year, looking at the pictures, watching the trailors, and planning when I would get to see it. You see, I have a slight obsession with Alice in Wonderland, AND with Tim Burton. So this was a combo made in heaven for me!

But much to my dismay I didn't get to see it in theaters... I did however get to see Ironman...bullshit! (actually it was amazing, but that's besides the point). Anyhow the day I thought Alice in Wonderland was going to be released on video, the BF and I went to rent it...I was off, by a day. We were one day early, so instead we rented the movie Bronson - Interesting, but definitely no Alice in Wonderland.

Anyhow two nights ago after I went to bed, the BF got Alice in Wonderland for us to watch. I wasn't sure if he had picked it up until yesterday when I asked him if he had gotten it, to which he responded ..."uhhhh ya, I already watched the first half of it..." my response: "WHAT?!? You did WHAT?" Him: "Yaaa, I turned it on to see if it worked... and if it was any good, and I couldn't turn it off.." So I was all, "Ya well now we're watching it as soon as we get home! And you're going to react the EXACT same way you did the first time you saw it! And you're going to say all of the internal thoughts you had about it out loud, so we can talk about it!!" (Ha, you fucked yourself!)

Then when we got home I asked him to get the movie and snack ready while I hopped in the shower, expressing clearly my annoyance and his jerkiness for having watched the beginning of it without me. Then as I leaned down to give him a kiss (because despite my annoyance with him, hes too cute not to kiss), he laughed, saying "actually I was kidding, I didn't watch any of it, ha ha, you're so easy to get going!"


p.s. We watched it. It was good, but I had my expectations set SO high, I think I made it unattainable. I'm going to listen to Jefferson Airplane's - White Rabbit now. *sigh*

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