Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Completely Inappropriate, Awkward, Offside Comment

So I have my nose pierced. It's been pierced since I was about 17, so for just over 8 years. That's like the longest I've kept anything, so I'm kind of attached to it. I kind of forget it's there, it's just part of my face now. Honestly the only time I think about it is when little kids grab it and ask me what it is (its a hoop, so a little more noticeable than a stud). My general reaction is "oh just decoration" because do you explain a piercing or tattoo to a three year old, especially one that doesn't belong to you, so you're not sure what their parents may think of facial piercings.  My mom has asked me regularly for 8 years when I'm going to put a nice diamond in my nose instead of the ring, and to that my answer is, "on my wedding day", but I will likely go back to the hoop right after.

It's not an obtrusive hoop or anything, some people have known me for months and then will randomly one day ask, "oh hey, when did you get your nose pierced?" either because it just really suits me (at least that's what I've been told) or they're terrible terrible friends and don't actually ever look at me. Anyhow I feel the need to express to you how "un-trashy" it looks on me. I have had several people ask me if I would mind if they got their nose pierced like mine and where I bought my hoop (its really tight to my nose) because I make it look good. (Ok, it was only 4 people so I don't know if that counts as several, but really, 4 girls have asked if I would care if they got the same piercing as me, so it can't look terrible, and that makes me feel pretty f'in good!)

Anyhow, the point of this post is a conversation that I had with someone the other day, well less a conversation and more of a completely inappropriate, awkward, offside, head shakingly weird, comment :

(note: there's an ongoing joke at work that I'm shackled to my desk...I may or may not have started it, but only because I literally can not leave my desk and it makes me stir crazy)

"Hey, I see you're packing up to leave, time to go home?'

Me: "Yup, they finally unshackled me for the day"

"Oh ya, you look like you would be into that kind of stuff, shackles and chains I mean. I can tell from your nose ring." (said seriously all sexual like)

Me: (internal gag) "uhhhhh" *awkward silence - head down continue finishing up* (thinking, "go fuck yourself buddy") - This individual is probably in their 50's or 60's and we do not have a relationship where we would make comments like this. The extent of our conversations up until this point were courteous, good mornings etc.

Since when did having a nose ring mean someone would be into that? I work with a large number of women from India etc. that have their noses pierced and I can bet you that comment wouldn't be made to one of those women, even though they all have nose rings.

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