Friday, May 28, 2010

ALIVE...without the plane crash and cannibalism

Not For Sale: One destroyed slightly used 5 series BMW. It has incredible minimal damage on the drivers side. Completely written off. Great buy for a handy man!!

I apologise for two somewhat dark posts in one week, however my handsome BF was T-boned yesterday and it scared me. Terrified and upset me. I realised that the phone call I received from him telling me he had just been hit could have been an entirely different phone call all together. One that would have changed my life completely, and it made me realise how quickly life changes. I was expecting to go home to him, throw on my bathing suit and jump in the pool. I'm so lucky, he's so lucky, that the only thing destroyed was his car. It could have so easily been his life.

He was t-boned right in the drivers side door by an older man. The older man was waiting to exit a parking lot and cross the street, but an impatient prick behind him kept honking his horn and making a scene (apparently, so says witnesses) so the older man decided to gun it across the street just as the BF was driving by and slammed right into him. It ripped the entire drivers side door apart, left a huge hole in the metal on the door, split the leather on the interior of the door from the impact, and then slid down the side of the car denting, scrapping, and ripping apart the whole drivers side of the car. Luckily the BF's  window was down, because it all shattered but luckily broke inside the door so it didn't cut him up at all. He walked away with some aches and pains, but hopefully nothing lasting. I'm so relieved.

The older man that hit him had no injuries either, and minimal damage to the van that he was driving. Thank goodness.

Note: The BF was driving a BMW 525i and he highly recommends them for safety. He is incredibly impressed by the protection the car provided. Oh ya, and he's only had the car for like a month - I have one unhappy camper on my hands.

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