Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh Ya...Right...I Have a Blog...

Oh. Hello. Fancy meeting you here.

I wasn't feeling the blog thing for a while....but guess what people...come on, guess!?!!! I found another human pube on my desk this morning...seriously, that's right!...what.the.fuck.?! NOT ONLY do I dread waking up in the morning to sit in traffic, arrive at my most hated building in the world (think -  how a wrongfully convicted felon would feel about jail), and spend my day with my less than favorite people....but then I have to get here and find friggen pubes lying around! What the hell happens in here when I'm gone!?! I think I should install hidden cameras.

Moving on - I ran out of my anxiety medication conveniently while my doctor was on holidays - I know, I know, great planning...shut up, I already heard it from the BF. So that last couple weeks have been fun. I finally got a new prescription so I'll be good to go again in a week or so when everything gets back to normal. Thank fuck! For anyone out there who is smart enough to realise what they're dealing with, medicate themselves, and then stupid enough to stop taking the medication after 2 months...a) I know, my bad! right? b) GAH! Isn't is sooooo much worse dealing with anxiety after you realise what it's like to NOT have to deal with it? BRUTAL! I didn't realise what it was like to not feel this way until I started taking the medication, and now that it's out of my system I can't believe I lived feeling this way for so long. Anyhow, starting today shit should get back on track!

Next order of business. You know how when someone tells you their funny, or prefaces a story with " this is SO funny!" and then tells you a kind of lame story that you feel the need to at least chuckle at because they were SO sure it was hilarious? Well that's what it's like when people write in their blogs about how funny they are, and that they write a humor blog etc. Believe me, I read my fare share of humor blogs, and they don't announce that they're funny. Because why? It's SO lame, and takes away from whatever it is that may actually be funny. Seriously, I have been reading this one blog for like 5 or 6 months, and a few weeks ago there was a post announcing that the blog was changing, blah blah blah, but not to worry, it will still be as funny as ever, etc. And I was all... "wait...what?!? This blog is supposed to be funny?" I was reading it more because I thought the topics were interesting...and then more recently, because it was part of my blog reading routine...not at all because it is "funny"...which it's not. You want funny, read The Bloggess / Ask the Bloggess. That my friends is funny shit! And she doesn't rub your nose in it! Fancy that!

For my wee little Sister...who totally thinks I'm funny...but she has to because she's little'r than me, so I can beat her up! Happy 21st on the 21st! - Black Jack Birthday! I love you a million trillion times more than you can imagine!! I'm sad we can't celebrate in true Gilmore Girls fashion...but whatever, I have something special in store for you! Mucho Love little Kitten!

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