Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day Daddio

A little fathers day story for you...

Yesterday my Dad decided to play a practical joke on Dad has a great sense of humor but I can't really remember him ever playing a serious practical joke on me before, so that in combination with my overwhelming gullibility (is that a word?) made for some hilarity for him...not so much for me.

My little story starts with me returning a missed call from my brother:

His Phone: Hello? _____ there? (it's his cell so I was thrown off when he didn't answer)

Him: Actually, he is currently in custody right now. This is Sargent O'Mally...

Me: What? What happened?

Him: He actually ran a red light and almost hit someone, we have reason to believe he was under the influence.

Me: Oh my god, ok...(voice starts shaking and tears start)

Him: Is this a family member?

Me: Yes, his sister

Him: Ok, well you can come downtown and post bail if you would like, we're transporting him there now.

Me: (seriously shaking at this point, standing in a grocery store, while people stare) Ok, which police station are you taking him to? Either me or my dad will be there as soon as possible.

Him: Ok, you can pick him up at (gives my dads address)

Me: Oh..? But....Dad???? - Freak out ensues.

Moral of the story...joking that my brother (who wants nothing more than to be a cop) was arrested is NOT COOL. And now he knows how much I love him, hence the shaking and tears. I definitely got a big hug, and thanks for the willingness to post his bail.

P.S. My Dad didn't realise I was crying, he felt bad about that once he was done laughing.

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