Thursday, May 27, 2010

This Shit's Wack

"The Throne" - "The Shitter" - "The John" - "The Water Closet" - " The Poop Box" - "The Lou" - or most commonly... "The Toilet". It's the "man's" domain, or so it's always been perceived. People leave fishing, golfing, and maxim, etc. magazines lying around for the men who use the washroom. The jokes are always about how long men take to...well shit. And since women "aren't supposed" to shit, or since it's not ok to talk or joke about it the way men do, women rush in and rush out of the washrooms so no one thinks they're "taking a number 2", at least most women I know.

Well fuck that. I don't want my bathroom usage inspected or critiqued, the thing is, I get distracted when I'm in the bathroom. I like reading magazines, fixing my hair, going through my phone etc, and I hate that if I take longer than the allotted time for a "female washroom break" there are assumptions made about what I'm doing in there.

When I was in University I spent allot of time in a house that was lived in and maintained by all boys. They always had maxims and other cool books and stuff laying around in their bathrooms, and I always got distracted and started reading them. Sometimes I would leave the bathroom with the magazine and go sit down somewhere to finish reading an article so I didn't spend too much time in the bathroom, for fear of comments, jokes etc.

But it's time to rise up and say "bullshit". If I want to sit in the bathroom and read a magazine article, or look through my phone, or read a novel, no one should judge me, and I hate that I even change my behaviour based off of the judgements of others.

Today I spent 15 minutes in the bathroom. I had 2 MSN conversations, 2 text message conversations and a message on facebook to attend to. And that "shit" (pardon the pun) takes time. So I sat in the bathroom and did all the typing on my phone I wanted, and didn't care who noticed the length of time I was missing. I don't need to explain what I'm doing in there, it's no one else's damn business!

Rant complete

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