Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Take Me Down to the Paradise City...

I need a change.
I'm feeling really antsy.
I think a lot of it stems from my job. I try to remind myself that I'm lucky to have a job in the first place, but spending the majority of my day, and the largest portion of my week at a place that is so terribly unfulfilling is crippling my spirit. My spirit needs crutches, I've placed an order for a wheelchair...seriously, you guys, my fucking spirit is limping,'s going to be bed ridden soon, I can sense it!

So this is what I'm doing in hopes of lifting my spirits, (aside from the crutches and wheelchair solution):

Photography - My Dad is f'in fantastic! I asked him a couple weeks ago if he still had the old film camera he had when I was a kid, and if I could have it. He spent hours searching through boxes and found it for me. Along with some lens covers, a long super fun looking lens, a carrying case, a camera case, and all sorts of other little wonderful extras. I'm sure you can clearly gather from my expert camera lingo that I could show you a thing or two about photography...seriously, that's all i could show you. I grew up using a point and shoot. I have no idea what the hell all the little dials and numbers gods...this is your shout out, HELP ME! The BF and I have played around with it and he has taught me a couple things, but I really don't have a clue what I'm doing, but at least it's fun and is giving me something to play with and explore.
Side Note: If anyone has expired film they don't want, and are just planning on throwing away, I'll take it off your hands, I love the effect that expired film gives photos, at least from the ones that I've seen.

Projects - The BF and I decided to refinish our coffee table. It's a HUMONGOUS son of a b*tch that his Mom has had for something like 28 years. We sanded it all down, and stained it this really dark brown and black colour, it looks awesome if I do say so myself (which I do, because this is my blog bitches, so you have to take my word for it!!). We then put a couple layers of a varnish on it to make it really shiny. It took us a couple days to do it because we fucked up a couple times...each. I'm not gunna lie, i think his mom might have died a little inside when she saw it, and his dad probably died a little inside when he saw the spots of stain we left all over his immaculate grass in the backyard from knocking the can over...better the grass then the patio, which is where we started really, he should be happy!

- I'm not really sure why I put an "s" on projects because that's really the only project we have, i have no other projects lined up (which is totally bumming out my spirit again). Do you have a project you want the BF and I to complete? I can't promise we'll be sober when we do it, or that it will turn out anything like you envision...but we're free, and fucking awesome! 

If you have any other spirit lifting, fixing, beautifying, etc. idea...spread the wealth! I'm totally game for any ideas!

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