Saturday, May 8, 2010

An Ode to My Panda / Why You're Awesome

You wrote me a friendship love letter, the best friendship love letter EVER!

Believe it or not (but you should totally believe me because I'm a pretty honest person, and I don't get down on the whole lying scene) I had planned this post yesterday as I was driving home from work (because paying attention to the road is SO overrated) before I even knew about the friendship love letter you wrote me.

You're so damn awesome that you totally deserve the appropriate shout out.

You're the type of friend that anyone would be insanely lucky to have, and i appreciate and love the profound effect you have on my life. Without getting too mushy or lame (which is totally on par with the thoughts I had while reading your letter) I want you to understand how much your friendship means to me. I wouldn't mentally be where I am today without your help, guidance, laughs, and random conversations. You keep me from going insane on a daily bases.

You're one of the greatest people I've ever known, and that is not an exaggeration, you seriously seriously are.

Your daughters are lucky to have a mother like you, their beautiful genuine spirits are a true reflection of you. I hope you have an amazing mothers day, you truly deserve it.

Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and presence in my life.