Friday, April 16, 2010

Let's Get Digital, Digital…

The BF loves him some video games, and being the steller GF that I am, I chill out with him while he plays.

These games are usually filled with endless amounts of sexy (not at all realistic) pretty much naked ladies in abundance. So I love when there is a sexy leading man in a video game, because believe you me, I don’t hesitate to discuss his sexiness. I have to hear about hot girls all the time, it’s only fair that I discuss the hot guys (even though they’re computer animated).

Anyhow, Nathan Drake from “Drake’s Fortune” is a total hottie…a digital hottie, but a hottie none the less. I watched that game from start to finish like it was a movie.

Does it make me seriously weird that I think a video game character is hot? Probably, but if you’ve seen some of these characters you’d think the same thing. And the women...oh the women..They pretty much all weigh approx. 110 pounds, 15 of those pounds being their HUGNORMOUS GIAGANTIC boobs, I would put money on the fact that most men think video game characters are hot too.

Oh GAWD, does this whole thing mean that I’m thinking way too much like men? That I can’t just see a video game as a video game? Am I spending WAY too much time around males?…is this is a serious problem?

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