Friday, April 9, 2010

Dream Cheating…"What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!!"

Dream cheating sucks, and I’m speaking specifically of the ‘BF cheating on me in my dreams’ variety. That crappy, anxious feeling, always lasts and kind of stays in the back of my mind for the day. And seriously, I don’t need to add to the list of things that cause anxiety, that list is pretty stacked as it is.

I don’t know why it effects me so much, maybe because I’ve always kind of secretly thought that I have a 6th sense, and that my dreams are indications of things to come…so clearly, dreaming that you’re boyfriend is cheating on you sucks when you think it’s your brain telling you the truth.

I guess if I want to believe I have this “power” though, then I should NEVER go hiking near the Harvard University campus, because there is likely a crazy murderer dressed in a full body bear skin waiting to kill my dog and then chase the BF and I to Cuba to try and kill us, because that’s the other dream I had…and it’s TOTALLY plausible, right?

Or maybe I should just chill the fuck out and realize that “hiking near Harvard” is a TOTAL joke…the BF and I don’t hike, we sometimes walk, but that’s the extent of it…so maybe I don’t have a special power…crappy… but it totally solves the dream cheating anxiety issue.

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