Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Diddle Rhymes with Fiddle

So earlier today I was walking through Winners and I saw a cute gift bag for a kid, with a picture of a cow jumping over a moon and the words “hey diddle diddle” written above.

Now I’m totally familiar with the children’s rhyme so this wasn’t lost on me at all, but I did however do a double take when I saw it and thought to myself…”seriously, you’re going to write “hey, diddle diddle” on a gift bag for children?…even after the word “diddler” is commonly used to represent a creepy and in some cases pedophile type person? Wrong…oh so wrong!”

This is what I found on

Diddle : Meaning "to have sex with" is from 1879; that of "to masturbate" (especially of women) is from 1950s. More or less unrelated meanings that have gathered around a suggestive sound.

And even though it wasn’t listed, it’s widely used as a meaning for pedophile.

So NOW am I not alone in thinking that’s its creepy to write it on a children’s gift bag? I thought not…

I’ve now written and internally said “diddle” so many times it has lost all meaning...perhaps that’s what happened to the people who designed that gift bag!

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