Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dayyyydreeeeamer (should be read to the tune of "dreamweaver")

I live in a fantasy world…like 60 – 70% of the time…sounds cool right? Wrong-o.

What a let down it is. Or maybe it’s me? Maybe I should be ramping this fantasy world up! It’s my fantasy world, right? I have ultimate control, muahaha! But alas, still sucks. Why you ask? (Or maybe you didn’t but I’m going to assume you’re not a total dick, and you’re playing along.)

It sucks because:

a) you miss A LOT when you’re constantly day dreaming and not paying attention, like half of all conversations, and then you end up throwing your two cents in, like yelling out of nowhere “Oh I loved him” (thinking you heard Arsenio Hall) when the conversation was about “our city hall”...not the same thing.

b) You spend a lot of time wishing magic was real, and then cursing the world because it’s not.

c) You spend so much time inside your own head that you can convince yourself of pretty much anything, like no will notice if I fall asleep at my desk if I lean over papers and make it look like I’m reading…

d) You get let down A LOT because you’ve already considered the perfect outcome in your head, and made a plan (that you often don’t inform others of) because you’ve had endless amounts of time to think about whatever situation or topic is at hand. – Also, the biggest cause of disappointment is an unrealized expectation…yup, I need to stop devising awesome things in my head and then not telling people, because when they don’t think of the same awesome plan and decide instead to do something else, I end up disappointed, one of many anxiety inducing situations.

e) Way too much time to drive yourself c-c-c-crazy!

(Oh did I mention that I work in a secluded space and I only get to see the people walking through my office or picking something up from me. Incredible lack of socialization in my position and I think “I am slowly going crazy 1,2,3,4,5,6 switch, crazy slowly going am I 6,5,4,3,2,1, switch”.)

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