Friday, March 19, 2010

One moondance with you…

Music – It has always been a HUGE part of my relationship with my BF. One of our first connections on the first day we really spent any amount of time together was over a Meatloaf cd. And since that day it has never ceased to be a connection. Some of my favorite moments with him have been driving around with the windows open and the music blaring just enjoying the songs the weather and the company.

We don’t really have “a song” if anything we have “a song of the moment”. Over the years that we’ve been together there have been so many songs, lyrics, dances and moments shared to a varying range of music that I couldn’t even nail down one specific artist or genre.

We do however have a “breakup song” - Every Rose has its Thorn, by Poison - because laughing about that cliché is just so very us. But despite the planned breakup song we are in love, seriously!

So when he told me the music he wants played at his funeral, I guess it didn’t phase me that a) we were talking about our funeral music b) he wants what will be our wedding song played, as well as goodbye to romance by Ozzy among others. This didn’t phase me that is, until he had me sit down and “really listen” to the lyrics. First, this song was written by Ozzy for his deceased bestfriend / bandmate so the lyrics are heartfelt and personal, and second, it is beautiful and is so very him. Well I can tell you, there were no shortage of tears while listening to this and looking at my handsome bf, whom I love and don’t ever want to imagine burying. And yes, while I was an emotional wreck he looked at me, smiled big, laughed a little and said, “well at least you’ll remember this moment at my funeral!”, while giving me a huge hug. Thanks for the heartbreaking future memory, Jerk!

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