Monday, March 29, 2010

More crazy to come…

Did you know that you don’t show your full psychotic potential until you’re into your 20’s?

I sure didn’t…this explains A LOT…like a lot a lot.

I just thought I liked to sleep a lot and that I’m a “worrier” which causes me to “feel sick” sometimes. What a mistake that is. Turns out I have “depression” and “anxiety”…UGH, it just sounds SO lame to say that, because really…who doesn’t these days.

What freaks the fuck out of me though is, I have a solid 4 more years of my 20’s…that’s 4 more years to find out I have laundry list of psychological disorders, like: split personalities, or schizophrenia, or objectum sexuality (meaning I’m sexually attracted to inanimate objects) which is pretty awesome if you think about it, annnnnd I do think my cell phone is pretty sexy! I’m on my way…

Here’s to the next 4 years of mental health (good or bad, only time will tell)

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