Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One of the Many Differences Between Boys and Girls

Conversation with the BF:

Me: "Hey do you want to see the dress that I bought for the wedding?"

BF: "I'll see it at the wedding right?"

Me: "umm ya..."

BF: "When is it again?"

Me: "less than two weeks, and you still need to get a new dress shirt"

BF: "Plleeentty of time"


Conversation with the Bf's Mom: - 5 minutes later

Me: "Hey I bought a dress for the wedding."

BF's Mom: "ohhhh let me see it, I bought 7 and I'm not sure which one I'll wear!"

Me: "haha - I got this one for $25.00, what a steal!"

BF's Mom : "ohhh it's so cute, what color shoes are you going to wear?, I think grey would look good....Hey 'son' you still need to get a dress shirt for the wedding"

BF: "Relax mom...I've got pllleenntty of time!"

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