Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today is a Day For Rhyming, It Couldn't Have Had Better Timing

It's Limerick Day Beeeotches!!

I wish today I didn’t have to work
In my bedroom I would continue to lurk

But magic is not real
Regardless of how I feel

So sadly reality continues to smirk

I will talk in limericks all day
Despite what my bosses have to say

My greatness is irrefutable
But apparently rhyming is not work suitable

They should all relax and find themselves a lay

Today is a day for rhyming
I’m sure I would do much worse at miming

I can’t hold my tongue
Despite who I’m among

And my volume continues to keep climbing

Limericks make us laugh - just like a fart
It was in Ireland that they got their start

I encourage you to share
A rhyme if you dare

I'll post them on my fridge like art

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