Friday, May 14, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Like most women I see faults with myself. Lots of them. I rarely wear shorts, when I get out of the pool I immediately cover my legs with a towel, I always wear tights with skirts/dresses. I hate my legs. Or so I always say. Lipo would be nice I always think. I beat myself up over it. But then I look at pictures like this...

and I wonder, is plastic surgery really worth it? Are my self conscious feelings just internal thoughts that won't change with any amount of "work" that I have done? Should I just embrace my legs, flab, cellulite and all?

Slim legs, large perky breasts, flat stomachs etc. are all desirable, but at what cost? Check out this picture of Tila Tequila. A) Where the hell did her nipples go? There should be at least an areola or something showing, right? and B) You can see the scar or folds of the implant under her boob. Yes, big perky boobs are nice, but scars, and visible ripples from the implants...SO NOT nice.

I guess no matter what my insecurities are, I'd always prefer to have natural ripples and unsightly marks then ones that I paid thousands and thousands of dollars for. So I'll start reminding myself that now in preparation of bikini season. Ya, I'm not perfect, but even if I were to pay someone to make me the way I wish I were, I'd likely still be disappointed.

Update : I'm doing it!!! I've now worn shorts like 4 times since the weather has been incredibly warm and a jean skirt twice. This is HUGE! I don't think I wore either at all last year, but I'm determined not to let self concious thoughts bring me down!

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