Monday, April 5, 2010

Back to Reality, Oops There Goes Gravity

I am convinced there is nothing worse than getting up and going into work on Monday mornings. I mean sure…swimming in shark infested water seems WAY worse, but I will never put myself in that position, so I don’t really count it on my list of worse things EVER. Does believing that “getting up for work on Monday is the worse thing ever” make me over dramatic? Perhaps, but I’m sticking to my guns on this one.

I reeeeeaaallly hate it.

And believe me, I am well aware of the strength of the word “hate”. I told my Aunt when I was 4 that I hated her, and believe you me, she set me straight on the meaning and strength of that word. She set me SO straight that I got worked up, started crying and puked all over her feet, so when I say that I hate something…I’m very serious. I don’t need to get that lecture again, my stomach seriously can’t handle it.

Oh wait…a small adjustment to my statement: “There is nothing worse than getting up and going to work on Monday mornings”…”When the BF is laid off, and still sleeping in our big comfy bed”…THAT is the WORST!

Since he is a tradesman, he is in and out of work throughout the year, especially in the last couple years with the economy being so crappy. They’re (the union he’s in) predicting he will be off work for a month this time around, which I guess could be worse, BUT that means an ENTIRE month of waking up and going to work while he sleeps all snuggled down in our bed, while I want nothing more than to find a big blow horn to wake him up with…so that I can kiss him goodbye, that’s the only reason I want to wake him. I think it’s totally fair that I get the satisfaction of waking him up in a loud and abrupt fashion, because, whatever, he gets to go back to sleep, and I DON’T…I have to go to the godforsaken place that pays (barely) my bills.


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